WIZARD is a synonym for heavy metal from Germany. In 2009 the band celebrated their 20th anniversary - 20 years of metal, live shows and a whole lot of fun! It all began when Michael Maaß (Guitar) and Sören van Heek (drums) started playing metal while drinking some beers. V.Leson (Bass) and Sven D’Anna (vocals) soon joined the band and this line-up lasts until today! They aren’t musicians only - they are, most importantly friends. After the releases of the legendary “Legion Of Doom“ demo (1991) as well as the self-financed “Son Of Darkness“ (1995) And “Battle of Metal“ (1997), the band received lots of reviews, gig requests and fan mail, which led to a contract with B.O. Records in 1999, where WIZARD released their first official album "Bound By Metal". After parting ways with B.O. Records, they signed with Music Limb Productions and released "Head Of The Deceiver" in 2001, which was the most successful album of the band so far. It received rave reviews and tours with, e.g., Paul Di‘Anno, Edguy, Paragon, Goddess Of Desire, Sacred Steel and Death SS followed as well as highly acclaimed shows at Germany’s Bang Your Head!!! and Wacken Open Air. Their first concept album about Odin, the Allfather of the Norse gods, was recorded in the fall of 2002 at Hamburg’s Powerhouse Studios with producer Piet Sielck (Iron Savior, Heavenly, Blind Guardian, Gun Barrel, Paragon). “Odin” became a mighty and highly acclaimed power metal epos, with smashers like the opener “The Prophecy” or epic hymns like “Thor's Hammer”. In May 2004, Michael Maaß took a break from the band, was replaced by Dano Boland and the band recorded and released "Magic Circle”, which was a true success. In 2006, WIZARD parted ways with LMP and signed with Massacre Records. They began recording their next album "Goochan" with producer Dennis Ward, loved both by the press and the fans. After a small headlining tour through Germany and many shows abroad (e.g., in Greece), Michael Maaß returned to the band and it was decided that WIZARD will continue with two guitarists. Their next album "Thor" (2008) was produced by Andy Horn and mixed and mastered by Achim Köhler. Songs like “Midgards Guardian“, “Resurrection” or the ballad “Serpents Venom“ lead the listener to new worlds and took care that there is no lack of head banging! After moving the rehearsals to a studio, WIZARD began working on a new album. The lyrics for the band's latest album "... Of Wariwulfs and Bluotvarwes" were co-written with the German author André Wiesler, whose books - a trilogy about Hagen von Stein - left Volker impressed. Achim Köhler was responsible for the mix and mastering. Steve Argyle created the cover artwork. The album was presented during numerous shows in Ireland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Germany and the Czech Republic. Tours in Great Britain, France or the United States followed. WIZARD's new album is entitled "Trail Of Death" (TOD). It deals, as the title already suggests, with death in all its ways and the question what comes afterwards. The album features serious lyrics (“Creeping Death”, “Post Mortem Vivere”) as well as others with a sense of humour (“Machinery Of Death”). Recorded at WIZARD's own studio and once again produced by Achim Köhler, "Trail Of Death" turned out to be diversified. Expect thrashy tunes ("War Butcher"), epic tracks ("Angel Of The Dark"), metal tunes ("Angel Of Death") as well as WIZARD trademarks songs like the speedy double-bass smasher "Black Death"! Jens Reinhold, who already worked with bands like Virgin Steele or Freedom Call, is responsible for the album artwork, where you can see the reaper walking down a path that is paved with dead bodies. He's holding a lantern in his hand, in which you can see a soul burning for all eternity. This can be interpreted as a symbol for hell. With the release of their 10th album, WIZARD will join the second part of the “German Metal Attack” tour with Grave Digger, Paragon and Gun Barrel this fall.


Massacre Releases:
» Thor
» Trail Of Death
» Goochan

1995 Son of Darkness
1997 Battle of Metal
1999 Bound by Metal
2001 Head of the Deceiver
2003 Odin
2005 Magic Circle
2007 Goochan
2009 Thor
2011...of wariwulfs and bluotvarwes
2013 Trail Of Death

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