AGATHODAIMON can look back on a long history: Founded 1995 by guitarist Sathonys and drummer Matthias and after two widely acclaimed demos, they released their debut "Blacken The Angel" through Nuclear Blast, which caused quite a stir in the black metal scene. One year later, the more progressive album "Higher Art Of Rebellion" was recorded in Romania and showed that AGATHODAIMON opened themselves to a wide range of styles. 2001 saw the release of "Chapter III", which set the foundation for all further works: a transparent, pounding, modern production - which nevertheless sounded timeless - while the band continued crossing frontiers and left the label 'Black Metal' far behind. Furthermore, "Serpent’s Embrace" continued this development in 2004 and delivered both straight and nested songs, including lots of different styles and levels of heaviness. It offered everything from straight black metal songs to ballads; all in all everything that could be considered as Dark Metal. It took the band more than four years until "Phoenix" was completed, but when it was released in 2009, it was a vital, unconsumed Dark Metal album that summed up the essence of the previous releases while also offering new impulses. After taking a break due to a line-up change (guitarist Thilo Feucht, , who helped out on multiple occasions since 2001, joined the band as permanent member) and a realignment that helped to focus on the song writing, "In Darkness" shows a return to traditional virtues. While "Phoenix" sounded very modern and playful, the new album impressively shows the roots of AGATHODAIMON. Now the focus is both on the atmosphere as well as the darker mood: harsh blast beats meet lava-like, melancholic Doom, while archaic Black Metal lines up with ballad-like sounds. Also, the lyrics once again are multi-layered, even in terms of the language, as they’re partly in English, German and Romanian. And even though "In Darkness" obviously can’t be labeled as pure Black Metal, it breathes the essence of this style with its focus on organic, sinister and intense sound, using this as base for its own interpretation of extreme music. "In Darkness" was once again produced by Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner at the Kohlekeller Studio (u.a. Powerwolf, Crematory). The limited first edition digipak contains an acoustic version of "Adio" as exclusive bonus track.

Massacre Releases:
» In Darkness
» Phoenix

1998 Blacken The Angel
1999 Higher Art Of Rebellion
2001 Chapter III
2004 Serpents Embrace
2009 Phoenix
2013 In Darkness

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